Vladimir Frenkel..

creates and designes yet gives testimony of worlds

"How to describe an artists' international perspective who himself creates with his art a microcosm? Every closed system, every microcosm depends on a strong cohesive system of aesthetics in the sense of discipline and craftsmanship. What is needed in order to sustain the world into which the spectator is about to step in? It's the outer eye for observation as well as an inner eye for intuitive imagination, in addition to a visionary perspective into the past and the future. Frenkel combines all of these with mysticism and an extreme realism, he is naive and at the same time confrontational. He creates and designs yet gives testimony of worlds - Eastern European, interior humanist, worlds long lost and worlds perhaps about to come - while being notorious and nostalgic at the same time. And in that he can draw on the different aspects of his own life's journey, from Russia to Germany with a cosmopolitan identity that, as an artist, he is able to translates into something that speaks to all of us directly with a quiet and drastic approach that touches something unconscious and deep with within all of us: desire and fear in an aestetic formula, longing for the lost home and the consternation about ultimate alienation. It the combination of these, together with a superb craftsmanship, that Vladimir Frenkel has become a superb master of. Frenkel creates Art and thereby this world."